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Our Team

Ken W. Bradley

Director of Indigenous and Governmental Relations

Ken has more than 35 years’ executive-level experience in the public and private sectors with specialized positions in energy and economic development. As a consultant to energy companies based in Alberta, the United States, Europe and Africa his focus is regulatory permitting and government relations to support projects that offer new technologies or related innovations that advance sustainability, rate of return on investment, stakeholder support and timely, cost-effective approvals. Throughout his career Ken has been a passionate advocate for consultation with First Nations, Métis and other Indigenous Peoples and a champion for their participation in the economic benefits associated with energy development.
Ken has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University and Master of Communications Studies degree from the University of Calgary.

William Cooper

Founder, Director

30+ years of experience on corporate development, founding and financing companies in the public and private and Canadian and International areas.

Rick Orman

Director, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Independent businessman and Corporate Director. Mr. Orman has more than 40 years of business experience serving as Chairman, CEO and Corporate and Lead Director of a number of publicly traded companies listed on the TSE, TSX, NASDAQ and HKEX, including  NovAtel Inc., Daylight Energy Ltd and Sinopec Daylight Ltd. He is a director of Persta Resources Inc., WesCan Energy Corp., CannaPharmaRx, and Spoke Resources Ltd., and, since 2020, Surmont Energy Ltd.
From 1986-1993 he was twice elected to the Alberta Legislature and served in three portfolios – Minister of Employment, Minister of Labour, Minister of Energy. Mr. Orman graduated from Eastern Washington University (Honors) in 1971.

Gordon D. Holden


Over 40 years in Canadian and international planning, M&A, exploration and development, with more than 25 years in private and public company executive roles, including as Director and Chief Operating Officer of Surmont Energy Ltd. from 2011 to 2020.
BSc (Engineering), U of Calgary; MSc w/Distinction in International Strategy and Management and Sloan Fellow, London Business School, UK; Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers; Director, Canadian Heavy Oil Association.

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